Weekly Parenting Tips – How to Teach Kids Respect
by Jennifer Shakeel

boy-and-grandfather.jpgRespect is an amazing thing. I believe that respect is something that has to be earned, but I also believe that in order to be respected you have to show respect to others. If you take a look at our youth of today you can’t help but notice that they are the most disrespectful group of children this world has ever seen. Before you start pointing fingers or offering up excuses as to why children are this way I want you to stop and look in the mirror. What are you doing to teach your child/children respect?

I ask this because one of my favorite pastimes is people watching. I don’t mean that in some sick sort of way, I simply mean paying attention to the way people interact with one another and towards one another. This includes children and adults. I believe one problem is that parents do not respect their children and therefore children not only don’t respect their parents, they have no respect for anyone including themselves. Wait, before you get upset, I am not saying that you don’t love your children or that you are a bad parent. I simply saying that maybe parents aren’t paying attention to the way they interact with their kids and that is leading to a severe lack of respect. I am far from a perfect parent, and many times find myself guilty of this also. What is important in my opinion, is that we think more about how we interact with our children, and how our children interact with us and others.

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By Catherine Crawford
happy child - it is important to encourage a childs intuitionParents work hard at ensuring their children learn the skills they need to succeed in life. Caught up with the demands of making meals, checking homework, and negotiating sibling rivalry, why add tracking a child's intuition to the list? 
The answer is because a child's intuition, also known as the sixth sense, may be much more important in the life of a child than many people realize. Intuition helps alert us to danger, provides guidance in decision making, and even helps us in problem solving by being able to jump quickly to the solution–bypassing rational, linear steps. For these reasons, and so many more, it is crucial to help keep intuition alive in children. If a child's relationship to their intuition is derailed because of judgment from others or fear of looking foolish, it can result in disrupting the clear connection to this inner compass.
All children are intuitive, but some are highly intuitive and experience more intuitive messages, or perceptions, with greater frequency than other children. Highly intuitive children often are unusually aware of the needs and feelings of friends, parents, siblings, and pets. They may frequently translate the unspoken needs of younger siblings and pets with striking accuracy and even pick up on the predominant feeling of a group of people as they enter a room. Others may tune into an unspoken family conflict, or tell someone to "be careful" before stumbling into an unknown situation.READ More on Why Supporting Children's Intuition Is Important to Their Success as Adults

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Bored and procrasting teen - learn how to motivate and encourage themAre you a parent who has been trying to determine how to help your teenager overcome procrastination? If so, you may be pleased to know that there are several steps that you can take in order to help encourage proper time management in your teenager’s life. It has been estimated that approximately 90% of all students procrastinate at one point or another. While in his statistic he was highlighting students in college, this is a common figure when it comes to high school students as well. This psychologist was named William Knaus. In this educational time management how-to guide, you will learn about how to help your child overcome the burden of procrastination.

Tip 1 – Recognize It:

The first step to helping your teen overcome the issue of procrastination is to recognize it. You may find that your child knows that they need to do something, such as their homework, but they seem to avoid it altogether. Eventually, it will come to the point where they have very little time left to do what is needed. In turn, this results in a variety of potentially devastating emotions and feelings. These include feeling guilty, feeling as if they are not good enough and even depression in severe cases.

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2008 Family Movie FavoritesThis past year, 2008 brought about many excellent movies for the entire family. There were movies about fearsome animals, movies about interesting adventures, and family movies that took place in another world. With all the great releases this past year, it's definitely hard to choose the best ones. However, if you missed out on some of the family movies of 2008, here's a list of some of the top one's you'll want to see with the whole family as well as the Editor's Pick for the year. 


One of the most exciting movies of the year was definitely Kung Fu Panda. This movie was about a panda bear that was a bit on the clumsy side who later becomes the kung fu hero of the entire city. Of course no one thought Po, the panda, who worked in the noodle shop with his father, would ever become a martial arts hero, although this is what he's dreamed of all his life. When an ancient prophecy finally comes to pass, suddenly Po the Panda realizes he is going to have to save everyone from the destruction that is coming in the future. This is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat while bringing the whole family plenty of laughs as well.

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Christmas Tree Cookie - umm umm goodChristmas is just about here and you are probably frantically trying to figure out what you are going to make for exciting Christmas desserts. No doubt you want to pick out something that is going to be tasty, but finding something that can be fun for everyone in the family is definitely a great idea. So, when you are choosing your desserts, make sure that you consider the taste, the way the desserts look, and of course make sure that they are family oriented.

In fact, as you are choosing and making holiday desserts this holiday season, you may want to go with choices that will allow everyone in the family to get involved. Kids often enjoy getting involved with the Christmas baking, and if you can find some recipes that they can help out with, no doubt you'll all have a great time together preparing tasty treats for the holiday season. If you are not sure where to begin or what to prepare, here are several great holiday dessert ideas that you may want to give a try.

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child crafted elfIf you are in search of Christmas craft ideas for kids, you are in the right location. This helpful and creative guide will help introduce you to some fun and exciting crafts that your children are sure to enjoy! There are all kinds of crafts that can be created based on the Christmas theme. Whether you want to create gifts that the child can give to friends and family members, a decorative centerpiece, or simple decorations for the tree or home, there is a Christmas craft that can help you do just that! Here, you will find some Christmas craft ideas for kids that can be enjoyed by children of all ages!

TV Guide Christmas Tree

As a child, I was introduced to the TV Guide Christmas Tree by my mother who discovered information on how to create this Christmas craft in one of her magazines. While I do remember it was a time consuming task, I also remember having a lot of fun with it! There are just a few things that are required to complete this project: an old TV Guide, some spray paint, and a stapler. All the child has to do is fold the pages of the TV Guide down so that it reflects a Christmas tree as far as the slope is concerned. Once all the pages are done, the center pieces can be stapled. Once stapled, the child can spray paint it green, white, blue, red, or any other decorative color that reflects the festive Christmas season! READ More on Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Family enjoying dinner togetherIf you have a family, no doubt eating healthy is one of your big concerns. However, with the falling economy, your grocery budget is probably getting tighter and tighter. So, the challenge is to come up with frugal and healthy family dinner recipes that you can feed the entire family. Many people seem to have the idea that eating healthy is more expensive, but it doesn't have to be. You can easily feed a family of four for a couple dollars per plate – even cheaper than you could feed the family at McDonalds.

Feeding your family on a budget is really not as hard as it may seem, especially if you are willing to do a bit of cooking. You don't have to be a great chef to be able to turn out great meals everyone will love without breaking the bank. While you can't expect to have filet mignon each night on a budget, healthy and tasty meals are possible if you are willing to take the time.

Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

In order to be able to create healthy family dishes that don't cost a lot, you are going to have to become a frugal grocery shopper. Eating on a budget all starts out with the way that you shop. So, here are some great tips that will help you grocery shop on a budget. READ More on Frugal and Healthy Family Dinner Recipes