Grocery Shopper double checking her grocery list

Shrewd Shopper checking her grocery list

In this tough economy almost every parent and family are looking for ways to save. And sure, everyone has heard that you should use a grocery list, and common sense says, "That's a good idea," but hardly anyone uses one. As Lavish Cheapskates, we habitually and systematically use a grocery list, the idea of which we should build upon. In this article, we are discussing a grocery list because first, it's easy to do, and second, it is one of the most powerful ways to free up money immediately. Poor-Rich People go to the grocery store and actually considers using a grocery list but never get around to doing it. This leaves many openings to throw away money. They warrant more trips to the grocery store due to forgotten items, they increase impulsive spending, they waste gas and waste time, and they have no money-freeing grocery plan in place.

As Lavish Cheapskates, we always use a grocery list. We not only know exactly what we're buying at the grocery store when we go, we have a list of the foods and items that are low cost. We buy with a plan to make quick and easy meals at home, which keeps us from eating out. We are very clear on what we need and stick to the list. We have the mindset that the grocery store is a tool to free up money, and we avoid costly mistakes such as eating out too often, running to fast food restaurants because there's no time to cook, and making needless trips to the grocery store. READ More on The Lavish Cheapskate–Everyday Strategies to Free Up Money and Recession-Proof Your Life!

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by Stephanie Partridge

Mother and Son ArgumentAt some point as a parent, regardless of how great your relationship is with your teen, you will butt heads and go through some struggles. You teen will begin trying to separate from you and become an individual. They want to be independent, in control of their own lives and make their own choices. While it may be difficult and even painful for both of you, these struggles are actually good for your teen – and for you. If you handle these struggles properly, you can actually strengthen your relationship with your teen while making both of you stronger, wiser and better decision makers. These survival tips will help.

Don't – Fall in the Parent Trap

Many parents fall into what I call the "Parent Trap." They play that parent card like they were playing a winning hand in a million dollar poker game. They over use the power (bordering on abusing it), completely controlling the situation and giving the child no leeway whatsoever. Do you want a kid who sneaks out after you go to sleep or who wears one thing out then changes into a "forbidden" ensemble in the gas station restroom after they leave your house? Well, that is exactly what you are going to get if you control every aspect of your child's life. And if you say, "MY child wouldn't do something like that" you are especially at risk. You are kidding yourself and your child probably already has done something like that.READ More on Parent and Teen Struggles: A Survival Guide

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family vacations are a time for bonding and fun - consider a family camping tripSummer is here already and before we know it, it will be gone. The kids will be back to school and life will go back to "normal." Why not take the time to make the most of the summer months with your kids. As parents, we have so much to do, and while yes quality time is more important then quantity, summer offers us the chance to give our kids both of those things.

I am not saying that you have to plan an elaborate get away. You don't even have to spend thousands of dollars. This week's tips are all about planning the perfect family vacation, the perfect vacation for your family that is.

Tip One: Pick a Destination Together

This is a great idea no matter how old your kids are. I think that part of the reason that so many families are holding back from going on vacation is because we as parents think that we have to make the trip to Cancun or to Disney or some other big name place. Talk to your kids, and your spouse. You may be surprised to find out that really all they want is a few days at the log cabin at their favorite beach.READ More on Creating the Perfect Family Vacation

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cyber bullying - very upset boy and his laptopby Stephanie Partridge

The story is unfortunately all too common. A 13 year old boy commits suicide after a cyberbully torments him relentlessly. An 18 year old girl kills herself after a "sexting" incident that put nude photos of her, meant only for her boyfriend, in the hands of many other people, some in the very school she attended. It seems to be reaching epidemic proportions, cyberbullying and sexting. It seems that the online world has gone out of control, populated with perverts and bullies. So, how can parents keep their children safe without taking the internet away from them completely? What can a parent do to protect their children from what at times is a very cruel world?

So, what can parents do to protect their children from cyberbullies and prevent them from sexting? Well, you could take away cell phones and set the parental controls on the internet so that the only page they can access is, but that isn't very realistic. Also, when you get right down to it, you can't spend your life shielding your children from things that may hurt them. If you do, you are doing them a great disservice. The best thing that you can do is teach them how to protect themselves and how to make smart, sound decisions.READ More on What Parents can do about Cyber Bullying and Sexting

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An Interview with Randy Loren by Jennifer Shakeel

Teenagers and Money - The importance of money managementThere are times in my profession that I am blessed with the job of interviewing amazing people that are trying to do something incredible to help children and adults. This past week was one of those experiences. I was able to interview Mr. Randy Loren, author of the book Climbing the Money Mountain. This book, his mission really, is to make sure that each and every child in this country leaves high school with a certain level of financial literacy. Our children are the leaders of the future and if we do not equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their lives how can we expect them to manage our country?

My first question to any author is what inspired them to create their latest project. For Mr. Loren it was his own teenage daughters. He had wanted to have a conversation with them about money and finances, and his one daughter, Mandy, who was interested in the topic but not in the conversation told him it would be better if he wrote her a letter and she would read it. His reply was, "How about if I write you a book."

While he was serious, his daughter laughed and told him to go ahead. So he began writing. I should back up for a moment. By profession Mr. Loren is a financial advisor with over 20 years experience helping grown adults sort out their financial matters. I asked him if he would agree with the statement that the reason so many kids are financially illiterate is due to the fact that many adults do not know how to effective manage money and that sometimes it is better to not pass on bad habits and let children figure things out on their own. He did agree.READ More on The Importance of Teaching Our Children Financial Literacy

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passing on the Earth to future generationsSo, what is Green Parenting? Teaching our children to conserve our planets energy and resources has been around for many of us for years now. However, with increased global awareness of our planet Earth’s decline, now more then ever we need to teach our children how to utilize the resources that are already available to them, without creating further harm to the environment. By starting our children out learning how to be friendly to the environment, living in harmony with it, the whole world benefits for future generations to come. So how do you teach your child to be more green conscious? With all the ads on tv as well as in stores, for harsh chemicals of all kinds geared for making life easier, its harder to teach a simpler and more green way of life, but it can be done. READ More on Green Parenting: Raising Environmentally Aware Kids

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girl exploring the outdoors - great summer fun and learning opportunityFor most, the school year is over and summer awaits. What can you do with your kids so that they won't forget everything they learned and have a head start when they return back to school? Well, there are many exciting learning activities and games for the summer months that can keep children of all ages on track academically. It is important to allow children the opportunity to break away a little from the day to day studies and lessons that they experience throughout the school year during the summer months, but that does not mean that they should be permitted to stray completely from their studies. There are several games and activities that can allow children to enjoy their break from school while conveniently sharpening their academic skills as well! Here I will share some of the creative approaches to learning in an enjoyable fashion in June, July, and August!READ More on Exciting Learning Activities and Games for the Summer Months

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