Brother helping his Little Sister Opening Her Xmas Presents

Brother helping his Little Sister Opening Her Xmas Presents

With Christmas 2009 gone and past many people were doing some last minute shopping scrambling around frantically trying to purchase gifts for the kids. Of course, you want to buy them something they'll enjoy. After all, there's nothing quite like that gleam in their eyes on Christmas morning when they receive something really special from you. Whether you have a baby, toddlers, kindergarteners or even pre-teens, there are plenty of hot toys out there for you to choose from this year. Here's a look at what many people bought and at some of the best selling toys for 2009.

Top Toys for Babies

Sometimes shopping for a baby is a bit difficult. Usually it's best to look for toys that they'll enjoy and toys that will help them learn and develop. Here are a couple of the hottest baby toys and gifts in 2009.READ More on Hot Christmas Toys for 2009

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by Jennifer Shakeel

twinsTeaching your children good values and integrity is one of the gifts that you can give them that they will keep for the rest of their lives. Integrity is something that never goes out of style, although it can sometimes seem like the world can be lacking in it. By teaching your children integrity, you will not only be making their lives better, but you will be improving the life of everybody who comes in contact with your child, both now and in the future. There are some tips you can follow to help teach a child how to live their life with integrity.

Encourage Truthfulness

Being truthful and honest at all times is an important part of integrity. You can help your child learn to tell the truth by making sure that you always make them feel comfortable sharing the truth with you. When you are instantly ready to criticize or punish when a child shares something with you that they did wrong, you are just encouraging them to either lie about things in the future, or stop telling you things altogether. Instead, you should always be sure that your children feel comfortable telling your things, even things that they know you will not want to hear.

Set a Good Example

One of the best ways of teaching your child about integrity is to model it yourself. If you tell your child you are going to do something, always strive to keep your word. Don't let your child catch you being rude to other people, or engaging in dishonest behavior. Keep your temper under control, and never use insults or degrading comments when talking to your spouse, your children or anybody else for that matter. Children often learn more from what their parents do than what they say, so make sure that when your child watches you, they are observing the same type of integrity that you would like them to learn.READ More on Parenting Tips for Teaching Children Integrity

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Santa Baby 2: Santa Claus is Paul Sorvino, Mary Class is played by Jenny McCarthy and Luke Jessup is played by Dean McDermott

Santa Baby 2: Santa Claus is Paul Sorvino, Mary Class is played by Jenny McCarthy and Luke Jessup is played by Dean McDermott

Christmas is just around the corner and it's a special time of year to enjoy some time with the kids. If you're looking for great family Christmas movies that you can enjoy with the whole family, you won't want to miss out on the premiere of Santa Baby 2, on December 13th, 2009. It will be showing on ABC Family as a part of their 25 Days of Christmas special television event this year.

Santa Baby 2 happens to be the sequel to the original Santa Baby that was shown by ABC in 2006. Back reprising the roles they played in the past are Lynne Griffin, Gabe Khouth, Jenny McCarthy, and Richard Side. Here's a closer look at this movie and what you can expect.

Santa Baby 2 – The Story Line

The story is about the daughter of Santa, Mary Class, who is all about business. In Santa Baby 2, she's trying to help save this Christmas. Her father, Santa, is going through a late in life crisis. He's sick of all the responsibilities that come along with the job and he wants to pass on the job to Mary, who is torn against running her own firm in New York and the family Christmas business. She's also trying to balance the man she loves, Luke. The whole situation gets even worse when a new arrival, Teri, shows up at the North Pole and tries to take over Christmas, sowing dissention all the way.

Who's Who in the MovieREAD More on Santa Baby 2 – Enjoy a Night of Family Fun

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by Stephanie Partridge

Letting go can be very hard to do but, very important in developing your teens independence

Letting go can be very hard to do, but very important in developing your teens independence

What should your teen know about being independent? How do we, as parents, know when it is time for our offspring to leave the nest?  And at what point should we push them out of the nest?  This dilemma has been plaguing parents for ages.   But the bigger question is how do we prepare our children for independence?  If you have seen the comedy, "Failure to Launch," about an adult man who still lives with him parents, you may have chuckled a few times, but in the back of your mind you were probably thinking, "That could be me!"

The confusing thing about this is that if you ask ten different parents you will get ten different answers.  When it comes to raising kids, parents tend to have strong opinions.

The adult child in the movie was equipped for the "real world," but had little motivation to "launch."  His parents made his world cushy and he had no motivation to leave the nest.  As parents, it is instinctual to try to do things to make our children's lives easier.  We want them to be happy and we don't want them to experience discomfort or pain.

Unfortunately, life isn't so kind – and we won't always be around to shield them from the harshness of reality.READ More on Parenting: Preparing Our Children For Independence

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by Jennifer Shakeel

Runaway Teen - Homeless and Scared

Runaway Teen - Homeless and Scared

Right now there are anywhere from 1.3 to 2.8 million runaway and homeless children on the streets in this country. The next time you are in a room with your children and their friends I want you to consider this somber statistics… 1 out of every 7 children will run away from home before they turn 18. Will your child be one of them? Will it be your child's best friend? More importantly, do you know why children run away from home?

First I am going to tell you my own story. When I was 17 years old, I ran away from home… determined never to go back. I wasn't a bad kid… actually if you ask my parents I was the perfect kid. I didn't get into trouble, I followed the rules, I got good grades, didn't party… to other kids my age, I was boring. To all onlookers from the outside, we were the perfect happy family. So why did I run?

Now I could go into the entire story here as to what lead up to me leaving… but this isn't the place for that. The night that I left was close to the end of the school year. My father was home, he had been drinking… and he and I got into an argument. You need to know that he had recently moved back in after leaving my mother for another woman in another state because he "just had to know" if he was meant to be with this other woman. My parents had been married at that point for 18 years. Today I don't even remember what the fight was about, all I remember is him jumping over the kitchen counter coming after me, he grabbed me by the throat and swung me over a dining room chair… when my mother got him to let go of me… I got up and ran out the door.READ More on Runaways – Why Do Kids Run?

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The words you use can influence your child greatly

The words you use can influence your child greatly

by Joy Burgess

In every home, it's easy to sling around words without thinking. The thing is, words can have long lasting effects, especially on your children. The words you use with your children can either build them up or destroy their self esteem. It's especially important that you think about the words you use when you discipline your children so you help them to move on and truly learn from their mistakes. While you've heard the old saying about sticks and stones, words really can be hurtful, especially to kids. Here is a closer look at the how words affect your children and how you can change the things you say to your children to help empower your child.

Why What You Say is So Important

You may be asking yourself, "why is what I say to my children so important?" Well, there are a variety of reasons that what you say becomes very important to your children. First of all, you are an influence on your children. The things you say are the things they are going to grow up saying. Think about the words and phrases you use each day. Are these really things that you want your kids saying? If not, it's time for you to change the words your using.

Another reason that what you say to your kids is important is because your kids look up to you. Your approval or disapproval really means something to them. Your words have the ability to easily hurt your children, even if you don't realize it. Those words that you fling at them in frustration may be words that they remember for the rest of their lives. Do you really want your children remembering the harsh and negative words you used with them for the rest of their lives? If not, it's time to make a change in the way you're speaking to your child and the words you are using.READ More on Parenting: The Power of Words and Your Child

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As a kid I would have gone crazy if I had the Capsela

As a kid I would have gone crazy if I had the Capsela

With the Christmas season upon us and thinking about what I am going to buy my own kids. There are so many things to choose from. As my kids are starting to get older they seem more and more expensive and they all tend to be more electronic.

As I fell asleep last night  I had a few flashbacks from the past. So this morning I hit up the Internet and found some videos of toys from my  past.  I even found some great toys that I missed out on. Here are 3 commercials of toys I would have absolutely gone crazy over as a kid.


What kid does not building things? I know I did. I had my blocks, I had my Erector Set,  and I had my LEGOS. But I never had or knew about the Capsela. You could build things that actually work and move. The commercial shows a rover, a solar station and even a space aged submarine! Best of all you could even get a remote control. I bet if I could lay my hands on this my kids would love this today:

READ More on Three Childhood Toys I Missed Out On – A Blast From The Past

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