Every so often in life there is an event, person, or even a child that inspires you and give you a kick in the backside! The story of Adam Bender really challenges the assumptions of what is possible. A cancer survivor, his left leg was amputated at age one. However, that did not stop him from loving sports and competing as he grew.

Every time Adam plays it helps inspire and challenge our assumptions as to what is really possible. The next time you feel there is something you can't do, I hope you will think of this video, I know I will. Here it is:

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Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun

If you have a child that is anything like my son then I am sure you have heard your fair share of corny jokes. If your child is anything like my son, then when you laugh and say you've heard that one before… chances are greater than not that your child is going to try to create their own joke just so you will laugh and they will know that it isn't a joke you have heard before.

I decided that for Halloween, maybe a better treat then candy… would be a few new jokes. I have scoured the internet looking for only the best kid friendly jokes for Halloween. Share them with your kids… or even other parents to make the spookiest of all holidays a little funny for all the pranksters out there.

Joke 1: Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party?

Because he didn't have any body to dance with.

Joke 2:  Why did the baker stop making donuts?

He got bored with the whole business.

Joke 3: What room does a ghost not need?

A living room.READ More on Halloween Jokes and Songs for Everyone

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by Stephanie Partridge

Great Family Experience: Hiking and Climbing together

Great Family Experience: Hiking and Climbing together

For my son's 18th birthday, one of the presents I gave him was tickets to a concert featuring several of his favorite artists. For my daughter's 13th birthday, one of her presents was a local dog parade and Louisiana State University Veterinarian School open house. There have been many times that I have given my kids "experience gifts" instead of the traditional present. These gifts are more than new clothing or a new CD, they are creating memories. Kids can take photos or buy souvenirs to remember the event or experience, but the main present is the experience such as a concert or special show. Try one of these experience gifts for your child's next birthday or special occasion.

1. Concerts

Older kids love concerts. Before you choose a concert and purchase tickets, though, check out the band and fond out about as much of the show as possible to make sure that is appropriate for your child. For younger teens, you can go with them to the show. Older teens can usually do OK attending independently with a couple of friends. If you want to give them something to remember the event, purchase a souvenir t-shirt or some other item that they can keep and be reminded of their special day.

2. Play

A stage play is an excellent gift for the thespian in your family. If you are in an area that has local playhouses, you can easily find plays there just about any time. If plays tour to your city, you can find a good one that will be near you and take your child. Keep a program from the event and the ticket stub if you can. That way, they can have a keepsake from the event. The key with experience gifts is to get a keepsake to commemorate the event.

3. Touring Show

A touring show such as The Wiggles, Icecapades or a wrestling event can also be a great experience gift. Watch your newspapers and sign up for sites like Eventful and Ticketmaster to keep up with what shows are coming to your area.READ More on Giving More Experiences Instead of Toys

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Why YOU are Never Too Young to Make a Difference!

The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes

The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes

Whether you are 10, 12, 15, 17, or any other age, you probably don't think adults are going to listen to you. Maybe you have a cause you are passionate about, but you don't think anyone will listen to what a kid or teen will have to say. You're wrong! You may be young, you may not have all the answers, but you are truly never to young to make a difference in this world. Take for instance a young girl, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, who was able to speak to the entire United Nations Assembly when it met in Brazil several years ago. At that point in time, she was only twelve years old, and what she would say there in front of leaders from all over the world would silence the entire world and make them think.

At the age of twelve, Severn had raised the money needed to travel to Brazil to attend the UN Assembly. From Canada, this was about 5,000 miles from home for her – a long way for a 12 year old to travel and it was a lot of money for a 12 year old to raise, but she did it. She was convinced that she had something worth saying that the leaders of the United Nations needed to hear, and she was determined to use her words in a powerful way.READ More on Kids CAN Make A Difference: The Girl Who Silenced the World

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Diversity Makes the World Go Around

Diversity Makes the World Go Around

Even in the 21st century, kids grow up with a lot of prejudice and misinformation about other cultures and races around the world. Often these prejudices come out in their relationships with people at school, and even in relationships that they have later in life. For this reason, it's very important that as parents we work to raise globally aware kids.

The world is a much smaller place than ever before, and teaching kids to be globally aware is an important part of their education. While many parents think they can't expose their children to the world because of travel costs, raising kids that are globally aware doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, there are many things you can do that don't require traveling abroad or even spending a lot of money. If you are concerned about raising your children to be globally aware, here are some easy parenting tips that can help you achieve this.

 Tip #1 – Purchase a Nice Globe

One great thing you can do to work on raising globally aware kids is to simply purchase a nice globe for your home. Of course, make sure that it is up to date, so you can use it for a reference in your home. A globe isn't that expensive, so for a few bucks you can make your kids more globally aware.

Tip #2 – Sample Cuisine from Other Countries

Perhaps the best way to get to know a culture is to start out by sampling their food. You may want to take a night a week, or even just one night a month to sample cuisine from other countries. Often you can purchase takeout with different culture flavors, but you may have more fun if you prepare the dishes on your own. Perhaps get some recipes, buy the ingredients, and then get the kids involved. You'll all enjoy cooking these interesting dishes together, and once they are done, you can sample them and have a great time together as a family enjoying the tastes of various cultures.

Tip #3 – Consider Learning a Language as a Family

Learning a language on your own or at school can be hard. However, consider learning a language as a family if you want to increase global awareness for your kids. You could take classes locally or get a good home program. Many kids find a new language exciting, but don't make it feel like work or like school to them. Make it fun and enjoy speaking to each other with the new phrases that you learn.READ More on Parenting Tips for Raising Globally Aware Kids

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by Dr. Michele Borba

Boy trying to tune his mom out

Do you feel as though your child is tuning you out?

"Why don't you listen?" "That's the fourth time I told you!" "Didn't you hear anything I just said?"

If you're frustrated in trying to get your kid to listen, take heart: you're not alone. Parents magazine polled moms and dads about their toughest discipline challenge, and the hands-down winner was "My kid doesn't listen to me."

The fact is, learning to give directions so kids will listen takes practice. But improving your kid's listening skills will benefit every arena of his life-from improving his school performance, relations with friends, job performance, as well as family harmony.

Here are a few solutions adapted from my new book, The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries to help improve your child's listening skills:

• Attention first, then talk. If your kid is not listening, first get her attention and make sure she's looking at you before you speak. "Please, look at me and listen to what I have to say." Give your request when you're eyeball to eyeball. You're more likely to have your child's full attention.READ More on Parenting Solutions That Get Kids to Listen

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