by Jennifer Shakeel

Runaway Teen - Homeless and Scared

Runaway Teen - Homeless and Scared

Right now there are anywhere from 1.3 to 2.8 million runaway and homeless children on the streets in this country. The next time you are in a room with your children and their friends I want you to consider this somber statistics… 1 out of every 7 children will run away from home before they turn 18. Will your child be one of them? Will it be your child's best friend? More importantly, do you know why children run away from home?

First I am going to tell you my own story. When I was 17 years old, I ran away from home… determined never to go back. I wasn't a bad kid… actually if you ask my parents I was the perfect kid. I didn't get into trouble, I followed the rules, I got good grades, didn't party… to other kids my age, I was boring. To all onlookers from the outside, we were the perfect happy family. So why did I run?

Now I could go into the entire story here as to what lead up to me leaving… but this isn't the place for that. The night that I left was close to the end of the school year. My father was home, he had been drinking… and he and I got into an argument. You need to know that he had recently moved back in after leaving my mother for another woman in another state because he "just had to know" if he was meant to be with this other woman. My parents had been married at that point for 18 years. Today I don't even remember what the fight was about, all I remember is him jumping over the kitchen counter coming after me, he grabbed me by the throat and swung me over a dining room chair… when my mother got him to let go of me… I got up and ran out the door.READ More on Runaways – Why Do Kids Run?

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The words you use can influence your child greatly

The words you use can influence your child greatly

by Joy Burgess

In every home, it's easy to sling around words without thinking. The thing is, words can have long lasting effects, especially on your children. The words you use with your children can either build them up or destroy their self esteem. It's especially important that you think about the words you use when you discipline your children so you help them to move on and truly learn from their mistakes. While you've heard the old saying about sticks and stones, words really can be hurtful, especially to kids. Here is a closer look at the how words affect your children and how you can change the things you say to your children to help empower your child.

Why What You Say is So Important

You may be asking yourself, "why is what I say to my children so important?" Well, there are a variety of reasons that what you say becomes very important to your children. First of all, you are an influence on your children. The things you say are the things they are going to grow up saying. Think about the words and phrases you use each day. Are these really things that you want your kids saying? If not, it's time for you to change the words your using.

Another reason that what you say to your kids is important is because your kids look up to you. Your approval or disapproval really means something to them. Your words have the ability to easily hurt your children, even if you don't realize it. Those words that you fling at them in frustration may be words that they remember for the rest of their lives. Do you really want your children remembering the harsh and negative words you used with them for the rest of their lives? If not, it's time to make a change in the way you're speaking to your child and the words you are using.READ More on Parenting: The Power of Words and Your Child

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As a kid I would have gone crazy if I had the Capsela

As a kid I would have gone crazy if I had the Capsela

With the Christmas season upon us and thinking about what I am going to buy my own kids. There are so many things to choose from. As my kids are starting to get older they seem more and more expensive and they all tend to be more electronic.

As I fell asleep last night  I had a few flashbacks from the past. So this morning I hit up the Internet and found some videos of toys from my  past.  I even found some great toys that I missed out on. Here are 3 commercials of toys I would have absolutely gone crazy over as a kid.


What kid does not building things? I know I did. I had my blocks, I had my Erector Set,  and I had my LEGOS. But I never had or knew about the Capsela. You could build things that actually work and move. The commercial shows a rover, a solar station and even a space aged submarine! Best of all you could even get a remote control. I bet if I could lay my hands on this my kids would love this today:

READ More on Three Childhood Toys I Missed Out On – A Blast From The Past

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – More4kids Sponsorship Project

more4kidsfamily2November 19th, 2009 — The economic downturn has hurt many people. Businesses have been hurt, families have been hurt, and kids are suffering too. In the wake of this recession, one website, is working to make things a bit better for kids and other businesses with their new 2010 Sponsorship Project.

As a website dedicated to kids in their parents, More4Kids wanted to help, so in 2010 they'll be donating up to 25% of the money they make through sponsorships to various children's charities. One or more charities will be chosen to receive part of the revenue from these sponsorships, such as Hopes of Hope, Love without Boundaries, and UNICEF. Other non-profit children's charities may be included to participate as well.

Not only will this 2010 Sponsorship Project be helping children's charities, but it will be helping individuals and businesses as well that are looking for more internet exposure. With sponsorship they will be able to take advantage of a special opportunity to get exposure for their sites, while helping children's charities as well.

The way this sponsorship works is that every day in the year 2010 will have its own unique sponsor, which means that there are 365 sponsorships available. This means that the sponsor for a particular day will have an entire day focused on their site. Sponsors will receive a variety of excellent benefits, including a created Youtube video tour of the sponsors site if they wish that will also be submitted to various social media video sites, special Tweets through the day with links to their website, a special article about them on the site, optional featured banner ad, and more.

The ability to sign up for the More4Kids 2010 Sponsorship is available now. Prices start at $2 on Jan 1st and increases $2 a day throughout the year of 2010.

To learn more about this sponsorship project, visit for more information.

About More4Kids

More4Kids is a website for kids and parents focused on encouraging the emotional and intellectual growth of children as well as providing parents with information and resources that are both relevant and current. They specialize in personalized gifts for kids, including books, software, blankets, music, and more. came from a great love for kids, and since there is no instruction manual for kids, their goal is to provide top information for parents and other caregivers.

Check out our official press release on PRWEB Tough Times Call for Creative Fundraising

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Adopt a Family - Gift left secretly for a family in need

by Stephanie Partridge

As a single mom raising three kids on her own, our Christmases were sometimes a little scant.  But while we did not have much by way of money or material goods, we had loads of love.  We still do.  We, the kids and I, have always felt rich, fortunate.  My daughter always says, "We don't have much, but we have everything."  And it is that philosophy that led us to a very special project a few years ago that became a Christmas tradition for our family.

One year, several years ago, we learned of a family who would not have much for Christmas.  Both parents had been laid off and they were struggling just to put food on the table.  They had two young children and it bothered my kids that these little ones would not have any Christmas presents.

Now, you have to realize here that I have three of the most tender hearts in the world residing within my children.  They became aware of the situation and they began worrying about the family.  They worried about how the parents felt because they couldn't give their children a Christmas.  They worried about the children because they wouldn't understand why Santa did not visit them.

So they put their heads together and came up with a solution.  They wanted to "adopt" the family.READ More on Adopt a Family for Christmas

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WinnerIt's always important to convince your child that they can succeed. Children often have a lot of self-doubts, due to the many challenges of childhood, such as peer pressure and competitiveness at school. As a result, as a parent we should try to find ways to not only encourage our children, but actually inspire them to find ways to reach their own personal best.

At the core of a child's ability to do their best is their sense of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. While it's important to have a certain amount of discipline in the household, we should take care to approach this more from the aspect of reinforcing good behavior, and less from a standpoint of calling attention to bad behavior. When children receive praise and encouragement, they often become inspired to achieve more. A good way of doing this is to make an effort to notice and compliment the things that your child is doing, even if they are small actions.READ More on Inspiring Kids to Do Their Best

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by Jennifer Shakeel

Kids Helping Kids

Kids Helping Kids

KIDS CAN and DO Make a DIFFERENCE! Each and every day kids are learning ways to make a difference in the world that they live in. At my son's school, the sign outside of the schools says "Be the change you want to see in the world." One of the most popular clubs at the school is the Junior Optimist club. To me, that is just awesome. This gave us here at the idea of putting together the names of a few inspirational kids that have and are being the change they want to see in the world.

The first child is Tyler Page who started a charity through KidsHelpingKids.  He was inspired to save the life of a child he would never meet in Ghana. After seeing an Oprah show where the topic was child trafficking, Tyler decided that he had to do something so that children like him were not bought and sold for physical labor. He had been learning in school about Positive Action, which is where children reach out and help others by picking up trash, paying it forward, and doing other activities in their community to make it better. Tyler figured out that he could save the life of 1 child for $240 a year (or $20 a month). He decided to have a car wash. This was so successful he decided to raise his goal from one child to 200 children. He is asking for us all to pitch in and donate to his charity. This can be done at the link above.

Kids Making a Difference

Kids Making a Difference

The next child I want to talk about is a young lady by the name of Stephanie. In June 2000 Stephanie  ( a then 8 year old) started a charity called "Kids Making a Difference."  Stephanie was inspired after reading an article about an injured baby manatee in her local paper. She knew that she had to do something to help manatee. She started by making manatee pins and selling them to her friends and family to help raise money to increase the public awareness about manatees. The wonderful thing was that not only did she raise money, and increase awareness, she also got other kids excited and they wanted to join in. That is how Kids Making a Difference was created. Today Stephanie is 17, and she still heads up the charity. It is an organization run by kids for kids:READ More on Inspirational Kids: Kids Who Have Achieved Great Things

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