The TV Series ParenthoodRecently NBC came out with a brand new drama series. The show's name is "Parenthood" and the show was inspired by Parenthood, the movie, which came out some time ago. The show is an hour long, and as a parent myself, I found the idea of a movie all about parenthood to be quite intriguing. The premiere of the show just aired on Tuesday, March 2nd 2010, and what an interesting show it turned out to be.

Based upon the movie, the show is all about the ups and downs that a family goes through as they struggle through different phases of parenthood. The Braverman family is featured in this drama, which is a large family that is very imperfect and quite colorful.

The parents of the family, Zeek and Camille, have four grown children. Adam, their son is married to Kristina and they are the parents of two children, Haddie and Max. Then there is Julia who is married to Joel, and they have one daughter, Sydney. Sarah is a single mom, parent to Amber and Drew. Then there is Crosby, who is with Jasmine, although not married, and they are the parents of Jabbar.READ More on Parenthood TV Series – A Review for Parents

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We all want the best for our families, and many feel that living green is the way to achieve that goal. We want to save the environment for ourselves and our families and neighbors and friends. The marketplace has introduced lots of green products to extract the green from our wallets. The real goal of going green is to buy less and use less.  That is a recession friendly goal, because when you achieve it, you will be spending less.

What are some “green” things that we can do as Parents? Conserve energy in your home and in the rest of your life. Use healthier cleaners, and reusable tools.

Do not just turn your car ignition off when you pick up the kids at school, walk to meet them and walk home with them. This is compatible with the fact that we need to use less gasoline and also that we need to get more exercise. This is setting the tone for a healthy green lifestyle for your kids as well. You get to share the wonders of the walk home, and talk with your kids and hear about their day and marvel at the world around you.

Shopping Green

Shop your local thrift shops or yard sales for children’s clothing, especially. Buy things that are gently used, with a lot of life left in them. Most thrift shops benefit a charity, so you are setting an example of giving back and not wasting things that still have life in them. Buy sweaters, jackets and clothes that are easy to layer, because at home, you are turning down the heat.READ More on Green Parenting: Make It A Family Affair

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The benefits of humor is not just the laughter itself, but the process. Helping your child develop a good sense of humor enhance their cognitive process in a fun way. What parent does not enjoy hearing his or her child telling them a funny joke, or telling your child a corny joke you know they will laugh at? Here are a few to get everyone laughing:

Q: What kind of dance do you do on a trampoline?

A: Hip Hop of course!!

Q: What room does a ghost not need?

A: A living room.

Q: What do you get when you drop a pumpkin?

A: Squash

Q: What did the tie say to the hat?

A: You go on a head, I will just hang around!READ More on Kids Jokes and Humor

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That very first loose tooth is something you need to celebrate when it happens to your child. It's a pretty big milestone and opens up a variety of great opportunities for you to teach kids more about dental hygiene. As that first tooth loosens, it's a sign that your child is getting a bit older and sometimes kids aren't too sure they are happy about losing their teeth. The great thing is that if you help them celebrate this time, it will help them to adjust to it and make it fun for them to embrace this new stage in their life. Not sure what you can do to celebrate their loose teeth? Here are some wonderful ideas that you can use to make it an exciting and learning event.

History of the Tooth Fairy

Of course, when children lose teeth in the United States, often they are told about the Tooth Fairy. This is an exciting fable that has been around for many years. Back in Europe, hundreds of years ago, when the baby tooth fell out, they would bury it in the ground, teaching kids that an adult tooth would then grow in it's place. Many other countries across the world had similar fables and myths surrounding the loss of baby tooth. Some felt that baby teeth needed to be buried on the grounds of the church to prevent a curse.

As people began to migrate to America, many of these superstitions and beliefs came along with them. Eventually things changed to burying teeth in small planters, and eventually this changed into having children place the tooth under a pillow where it was replaced with a coin or other treat.

Kids, being curious, wanted to know where their teeth went. This brought about the story of the Tooth Fairy removing their teeth and giving them a treat instead, and so this fable was born. Wondering what happens to those teeth the Tooth Fairy collects? Well, the story goes that all those teeth are turned into starts in the sky.READ More on The Tooth Fairy – Celebrating Loose Teeth

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If you have teens, probably one of the heavy things on your mind is whether they are going to make the right choices. Today's teens deal with more choices than teens in the past. There are many issues that teens face, and that can feel scary as a parent. How can you make sure they are going to make the right decisions in life? Well, first you need to realize that even if you give them the best upbringing possible, teens don't always make decisions that are right. After all, even adults don't always make the right decisions. There are things parents can do to help teens make good decisions. They might still make the wrong decision every once in awhile, but with these parenting tips, you can really help to influence your teen in the right way.

Parenting Tip #1 – Keep Talking to Your Teen

One important tip to help your teen make good decisions is to keep talking to your teen. Often teens begin to go silent on you, but keep on talking anyway. Even if they act like they're ignoring you and they don't talk back, keep on talking to them. More than you think is getting through to them when you're talking, so keep it up.

Parenting Tip #2 – Show Them By Your Example

Show your teens how to make good decisions by example. You cannot expect that your teen is going to behave better than you do. Make good decisions in your own life. If you mess up, own up to it and show your teen that mistakes happen but you can learn from the mistakes and go on. Remember, your teen is watching you, and what you do is going to be at least as important, if not more so, than what you say to them.

Parenting Tip #3 – Share Examples From Your Life

Another great idea to help your teen make good decisions is to share examples from your own life. Of course, you need to be careful about this. You don't want to encourage them to make bad decisions either. Some situations though can be used as examples and you can let your teen know what kind of consequences occur when you make choices that aren't the right ones. Allow them to learn from your own mistakes so they will make the right decisions in life.READ More on Parenting Teens: Helping Your Teenager Make Good Decisions

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by Stephanie Partridge

"Does Your Teen feel they are Good Enough?"

I have been talking to some teens, or actually, I have been listening to some teens.  I wanted to know what was on their minds, what was bothering them, what was impeding their relationships with their parents.

I tried asking my own kids, but they were no help.  They both said, “Mom, I can’t complain.  You listen to us; you respect us, when we tell you something you really hear us.  You trust us, you show us you love us, you are our best friend.  We have no complaints at all!”

Well, that was a big help.

So, I began talking to friends of my kids.  Many of them have said that they wish they could live at my house, wish I could adopt them.  I laughed at the time, but I am not laughing now.  The raw pain I have witnessed as these teenagers have poured their hearts out to me is no laughing matter.  These kids come from all walks of life, all economic stations.  Both boys and girls, these kids have complaints that are universal – can potentially tragic.

One of the big issues that they talk about is never being good enough.  No matter what they do it is never quite good enough.

One 16 year old girl I know well told me how she will spend half of the day cleaning the house while her mother is at work.  She will wash dishes, sweep, mop, clean counters, and scrub everything till it shines (I know, I have seen her work), only to have her mom come home and say, “Where’s dinner?”

All the hard work this girl has done is ignored.READ More on Parenting and Your Teens Self-Esteem

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Raising Happy KidsWe all want to be happy, and we want our kids to be happy as well. That is only natural and there are some concrete steps to take to raise happy children.

Raising Happy Children:

1)      In order to raise a happy child we need to model what we want our children to be. Present a model of a positive respectful adult, treating your partner, teachers, and community leaders in a positive way. Do not make fun of your partner, he or she is a huge part of how a child sees themselves. Even if you do not always agree with what a teacher or school employee does, disagree in a healthy manner. These adults are the anchors in your children’s’ lives. If you treat them well, your child will as well. He will feel good about himself and these people in his life will reflect his attitude back to him.

2)      Your children need to feel confident about the future. Be positive about your job, and do not walk in the front door complaining about the economy and your co workers and boss. Let your kids know that you will have a way to support yourself and them. If you are economizing, remind them that it is a choice to live responsibly, paying the bills before having entertainment. When you need a new job, go ahead and look, but do not make it your child’s problem. Work if you have the opportunity, and value your job, so that you will raise a worker.

3)      Praise your children, but not excessively or extremely. Use specific words of praise. Instead of looking at their picture and saying “What an excellent picture. I love it. You are the best” a better comment would be: “I like your picture, tell me about it. I can see it means a lot to you and that you have talent. I like the red bow you put on the dog.”  The phrase “Tell me about it” lets them know that you want to hear what is important to them.READ More on Raising Happy Kids: 7 Secrets to Raising a Happy Child

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