by Jennifer Shakeel

I write this and laugh. I am a mom that has been there done that… and did I mention I am doing it again. I have a 15 year old, a 12 year old and a 15 month old. Still to this day I have separation anxiety with my oldest! I guess I just don’t like being away from my children… especially for extended periods of time. I miss them. Of course I am not here to talk about parental separation anxiety… though I wonder why no one does that. Here we are going to talk about separation anxiety from the child’s stand point and how you can make it easier.

Separation anxiety is when a child has anxiety from being separated from the caregiver, which is usually the mother. This is a very stressful stage for both parent and child as the parent feels guilty, and the child is scared and experiences anxiety.

From the time a child reaches eight months to the time they are about fourteen months, they get nervous and even frightened when they see new people or are in new places. They see their parents as familiar and safe. When they get separated from their parents, they feel threatened and unsafe. This is a normal stage of development and usually ends when the child is two years old.

How Do Children Get Over Separation Anxiety?

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Here are some tips to save on School Supplies from More4kids:

little girl with her school supplies getting ready for school Follow these tips to keep more of your money in your wallet as your kids head back to school:
Plan ahead
Get the list of school supplies as soon as possible. If a list isn’t sent home with your child’s last report card at the end of the school year, see if a list is posted on the school’s website. That way, you can be on the lookout for sale items all through the summer.

School Supplies: Stock up during the sales

What other time of year can you find boxes of crayons for a dime or reams of paper for a quarter? Stock up during the sales so you can replenish your kids’ school supplies during the year and maybe even have some items left over for next year.
To save yourself the hassle of running around to different stores to buy stuff on sale, try to find one store that will meet the sale price of other stores. All you usually have to do is show them the ad with the cheaper price.
Divide and conquer
Everyone in your school supposed to provide a box of tissues? Buy a big carton of boxes at your local warehouse store and split the cost among your friends.
Reuse and recycle
My kids think they need a new lunchbox and backpack each year. Ummm – no. Unless what they have is really falling apart, they can use it a little while longer. And to save the “But I don’t like Hello Kitty anymore” arguments, buy generic lunchboxes and backpacks to begin with.
You can also try looking for backpacks and lunchboxes at consignment shops and garage sales.READ More on School Supplies On A Budget

by Jennifer Shakeel

Recently I was speaking with a family friend, whose daughter is one of the cheerleaders for my son’s football team. Her daughter is having a rough time with another little girl on the team who seems determined to make my friend’s daughters life miserable. There has yet to be one game all season long that she has not left the game crying. The little girl picks on her at school as well. I have been trying to offer ideas to my friend to help her daughter. I have even talked to her daughter.

It isn’t that her daughter is weak, or a push over… she is just a nice person. Her parents have done an excellent job on raising her and teaching her that it is better to take the high road. That just because someone is being nasty to you does not mean that you need to be nasty back to them. I completely agree with this, we have done the same with our children. Though we have also tried to instill upon them that taking the high road does not mean that you become someone’s doormat. Today I am offering several parenting tips on how you can help your child stand up for themselves.

Parenting Tip One:  Return an Insult with a Compliment

Granted this is going to depend on the situation. In the case of my friend’s daughter it is just a taunting little girl and they are 11 years old. It is important to realize that the bully in this case gets satisfaction over making the “victim” feel terrible. They want to see the person they are tormenting upset, for them it is a matter of putting that person in their place which is beneath the bully. To which I advised that she look at this other little girl when she is being mean and say, “You’re the best xxxx,” with a smile and turn and walk away. Don’t give the tormentor the satisfaction of making you feel like crap, let them know that what they are saying doesn’t bother you.

Parenting Tip Two:  Call the Bully Out

Sometimes taking the high road is not about not succumbing to being nasty, it is about calling the bully out for what they are doing. For the daughter of our friend, I advised that she look at her “team mate” and say, “I thought we were a team. Teammates support each other. We don’t have to like each other, but we do need to support one another.” Many times, especially with younger kids, the fact that the bully has never been called on the carpet for their behavior encourages the behavior. So when one person stands up to them and points out what they are doing is wrong it will stop the bullying.READ More on Bullying: Encouraging Children to Stand Up For Themselves

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The TV Series ParenthoodRecently NBC came out with a brand new drama series. The show's name is "Parenthood" and the show was inspired by Parenthood, the movie, which came out some time ago. The show is an hour long, and as a parent myself, I found the idea of a movie all about parenthood to be quite intriguing. The premiere of the show just aired on Tuesday, March 2nd 2010, and what an interesting show it turned out to be.

Based upon the movie, the show is all about the ups and downs that a family goes through as they struggle through different phases of parenthood. The Braverman family is featured in this drama, which is a large family that is very imperfect and quite colorful.

The parents of the family, Zeek and Camille, have four grown children. Adam, their son is married to Kristina and they are the parents of two children, Haddie and Max. Then there is Julia who is married to Joel, and they have one daughter, Sydney. Sarah is a single mom, parent to Amber and Drew. Then there is Crosby, who is with Jasmine, although not married, and they are the parents of Jabbar.READ More on Parenthood TV Series – A Review for Parents

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We all want the best for our families, and many feel that living green is the way to achieve that goal. We want to save the environment for ourselves and our families and neighbors and friends. The marketplace has introduced lots of green products to extract the green from our wallets. The real goal of going green is to buy less and use less.  That is a recession friendly goal, because when you achieve it, you will be spending less.

What are some “green” things that we can do as Parents? Conserve energy in your home and in the rest of your life. Use healthier cleaners, and reusable tools.

Do not just turn your car ignition off when you pick up the kids at school, walk to meet them and walk home with them. This is compatible with the fact that we need to use less gasoline and also that we need to get more exercise. This is setting the tone for a healthy green lifestyle for your kids as well. You get to share the wonders of the walk home, and talk with your kids and hear about their day and marvel at the world around you.

Shopping Green

Shop your local thrift shops or yard sales for children’s clothing, especially. Buy things that are gently used, with a lot of life left in them. Most thrift shops benefit a charity, so you are setting an example of giving back and not wasting things that still have life in them. Buy sweaters, jackets and clothes that are easy to layer, because at home, you are turning down the heat.READ More on Green Parenting: Make It A Family Affair

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The benefits of humor is not just the laughter itself, but the process. Helping your child develop a good sense of humor enhance their cognitive process in a fun way. What parent does not enjoy hearing his or her child telling them a funny joke, or telling your child a corny joke you know they will laugh at? Here are a few to get everyone laughing:

Q: What kind of dance do you do on a trampoline?

A: Hip Hop of course!!

Q: What room does a ghost not need?

A: A living room.

Q: What do you get when you drop a pumpkin?

A: Squash

Q: What did the tie say to the hat?

A: You go on a head, I will just hang around!READ More on Kids Jokes and Humor

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That very first loose tooth is something you need to celebrate when it happens to your child. It's a pretty big milestone and opens up a variety of great opportunities for you to teach kids more about dental hygiene. As that first tooth loosens, it's a sign that your child is getting a bit older and sometimes kids aren't too sure they are happy about losing their teeth. The great thing is that if you help them celebrate this time, it will help them to adjust to it and make it fun for them to embrace this new stage in their life. Not sure what you can do to celebrate their loose teeth? Here are some wonderful ideas that you can use to make it an exciting and learning event.

History of the Tooth Fairy

Of course, when children lose teeth in the United States, often they are told about the Tooth Fairy. This is an exciting fable that has been around for many years. Back in Europe, hundreds of years ago, when the baby tooth fell out, they would bury it in the ground, teaching kids that an adult tooth would then grow in it's place. Many other countries across the world had similar fables and myths surrounding the loss of baby tooth. Some felt that baby teeth needed to be buried on the grounds of the church to prevent a curse.

As people began to migrate to America, many of these superstitions and beliefs came along with them. Eventually things changed to burying teeth in small planters, and eventually this changed into having children place the tooth under a pillow where it was replaced with a coin or other treat.

Kids, being curious, wanted to know where their teeth went. This brought about the story of the Tooth Fairy removing their teeth and giving them a treat instead, and so this fable was born. Wondering what happens to those teeth the Tooth Fairy collects? Well, the story goes that all those teeth are turned into starts in the sky.READ More on The Tooth Fairy – Celebrating Loose Teeth

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