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When you are getting your kids up in the morning to get ready for daycare or school, it can definitely become frustrating and stressful. Often morning mania occurs, which has you dreading those mornings during the week. If you're tired of dealing with this problem, there are things that you can do to deal with this in a positive way. Here are a few tips that can help you go from morning mania to something a bit less hectic.

Tip #1 – Make it a Routine

One of the most important tips for taming morning mania in your home is to make getting up and ready for the day a routine. If you don't start a routine and make sure your kids know that this is not an option, your mornings will become a lot easier. Establish a routine that is non-negotiable and talk to your kids about consequences that will occur if they not follow the routine. Without a routine you'll end up with tantrums and morning melt-downs, which will mean everyone begins their day in a stressful way.

Tip #2 – Try Planning Out Outfits

Morning mania can often be caused by missing socks, shoes that are mismatched, or a shirt that suddenly has a stain on it. To avoid the frantic shuffle trying to find clothing to wear, try planning out outfits for your kids ahead of time. For younger kids, help them pick out what they'll wear, allowing them some input. This should include everything, from socks, to shoes, outer clothing, underwear, and anything else they are going to wear. Plan ahead and lay it all out the night before. It will save a lot of time. Older kids can choose their own clothing, but have them choose the night before as well so you avoid clothing drama in the morning.

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Single Parent Dating TipsGetting back in the dating scene can definitely be difficult for single parents. After all, it's probably been awhile since you went out on a date. Of course, dating as a single parent brings with it many challenges and pressures that you have to deal with as a parent. It can be difficult enough being a single parent and adding a relationship to the mix can definitely bring up some complications. However, while there are unique challenges ahead, it doesn't mean that you can't have enjoyable dates and find someone special again. To help you navigate this new territory, here are some helpful single parent dating tips that will make the entire process easier for you, your date, and your children.

Tip #1 – Never Lie About Being a Parent

While it can be tough to get dates as a single parent, it is important that you never lie about being a parent. When you are dating, you want to make sure that your date understands that you are first a parent. Don't try hiding this. If you try to lie about being a single parent, eventually the truth is going to come out. Besides, anyone that is worth your time should be fine with the fact you're a single parent. If they aren't comfortable with this fact, then move on to someone else who can deal with the fact that your priorities are your children.

Tip #2 – Talk to Your Children

Another important tip to remember for single parent dating is to talk to your children. It isn't a good idea to hide the fact that you are going out on a date from your children. They will probably find out anyway and it is better if they get the news from you. Talk to your kids and let them know you're going out to enjoy some adult time with a good friend. At this point, this is all your kids need to know. Keep it simple. Talk to them, but don't get into too many details at this stage in the game.

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Homemade Halloween CostumesHalloween is almost here and more than likely your kids are already trying to come up with a great costume. Sure, you could go to the store and buy one, but often the costumes available aren't very original, not to mention all the money you spend on something your kids only wear once. One great idea is to make your own homemade Halloween costumes for your kids this year. You'll ensure your kids have a unique costume that no one else is wearing and you'll save a lot of money too. Maybe you think you have to be a master seamstress to accomplish this – that's not true. There are actually many simple ideas you can find that won't require sewing skills. To help you out, here are some great ideas that you can easily make at home and some great money-saving tips you can use this Halloween as well.

Great Costume Ideas You Can Make at Home

From classic costumes, to box costumes, to character costumes, you'll find that you can easily make most of them yourself. Here are several great costume ideas and instructions on how to make them. Follow the instructions, add in a bit of creativity, and you'll be sure to create some great costumes for this Halloween.

Cowboy or Cowgirl Costume

One easy and classic costume idea is a cowboy or cowgirl costume. All you'll need is a western shirt, a pair of jeans, boots, and a brightly colored bandana. If you can find one, a good cowboy hat will complete the costume.

Mummy Costume

Designing a mummy costume is pretty simple. You'll need white clothing underneath, and then strips of white sheets or some gauze can be used to wrap around your child. You may need some safety pins to hold the strips in place. Make sure you leave ample room for their mouth, nose, and eyes.

Scarecrow Costume

A scarecrow is definitely appropriate at this time of year. You'll need a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans. Patches on the jeans make it even better. Use some duct tape on the inside of pants and sleeps to attach some straw so it sticks out. Add a straw hat. You can take an eyebrow pencil and use it to draw triangles around each eye and a bit smile on your child's face.

Soldier Costume

It's easy to dress up your child as a soldier. You'll need some camouflage clothing, camouflage makeup, and perhaps a homemade compass, canteen, and other accessories to make the character believable.

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Click on me to learn more about pumpkin painting

Although carving pumpkins may very well be the most recognized Halloween craft for the Halloween holiday, it might not be conducive to the climate in which you live. For example, if you live in Texas the humidity would cause the pumpkins to suffer a much too early demise. Also safety concerns arise when using a sharp knife to carve them, it is not exactly an activity that everyone, especially the children who are so in love with Halloween, can do.READ More on Pumpkin Painting – Halloween Fun and Safe for the Whole Family

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Breast Cancer Becomes an Important Topic for Moms Today

Breast Cancer Awareness MonthOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and breast cancer has become an important topic for moms out there today. While it used to be known as a disease that hit older women, often those past menopause, women are being diagnosed with this tragic disease at younger and younger ages today. In fact, more than 60,000 women still of childbearing age within the United States were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 alone. From the statistics in 2001, this number was up more than 40%, showing a scary trend for younger moms today. Recently there have been several well known stars, still of childbearing age who have battled this disease, including Maura Tierney from the television show ER, singer Melissa Etheridge, singer Anastacia, and actress Christina Applegate.

This is no longer a topic that moms can ignore! It's time that moms start paying attention to this epidemic among younger women today. National Breast Cancer Month is a time to increase awareness about breast cancer and to raise money for curing and preventing this disease, and what better time to get informed about this topic. Moms owe it to their young children to learn as much as possible about breast cancer, prevention, detection, and ways to help fight this disease and finally find a cure.

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by Laura Page

Executive Director – Kids Helping Kids

Kids Helping KidsKids Helping Kids is a unique organization that evolved from a simple idea by a big-hearted 10 year old boy to raise $240 in order to save one Ghanaian child from the cycle of human trafficking into a fund-raising and leadership movement for global transformation.

Kids Helping Kids Leadership Academy…

Besides fund-raising for children in need locally and globally, Kids Helping Kids focuses on developing core leadership skills that not only raises their self-esteem but teaches them how to recognize behaviors that strengthen it.

Statistics show that early sexual activity, obesity, memory loss, violence, suicide and eating disorders are a direct result from low self-esteem.

Defined simply, self-esteem is the sense of being lovable and capable. When these two qualities are in sync, a child has high self-esteem. Children need first to know that they are loved and accepted for who they are. Then, with this as a basis, their natural impulse is to take that love and learn to contribute it to the world in constructive ways. It’s not hard to see that self-esteem is the best gift you can give your children.

How self-esteem is crucial to a child’s life….

• It sets the stage for one’s entire life.

• Self-esteem is built, it doesn’t come naturally

• Having good self-esteem correlates with success later in life – good grades and confidence can allow a teen to start out with scholarships and other opportunities.

• Helps teens deal with emotional stress

• Important in making good choices

Statistics on self-esteem in kids…

• 70% of girls ages 15-17 aren’t even bothering to participate in normal every day activities due to a lack of self-worth

• Obesity is the leading cause of low self esteem

• Today’s beauty ideals create appearance anxiety for 86.9% of all teenage-aged girls.

• *92% of the young women in the USA want to change some aspect of their physical appearance

Kids Helping Kids believes leadership is the foundation to strengthen self-esteem through social, emotional and educational curriculum. We focus on discovering and developing core principals to create the self-confident child by teaching integrity, honesty, self-esteem, communication, time management, conflict resolution and giving back, to name a few.

Integrity has become the backbone not only for our leadership academy but for every class and fundraiser we have. Our main focus of integrity is “doing the right thing even when no one is watching” teaching them three key elements that they can apply to their everyday thoughts and actions.

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National Family Day is all about Family Time and Family MealsWhat are you doing on Monday, September 27th? Hopefully, you'll be doing something special with your family. You see, National Family Day 2010 takes place on September 27th. This special day is part of a movement to help get parents and kids to start eating dinner together. Too many families spend their time going separate ways, doing separate things, and almost living separate lives. You need to find some time to spend together so you can talk to your kids, find out what's going on, and strengthen the family bonds.

The mission of Family Day is to get families to start eating together once again. Behind this day is a study that was done by Columbia University National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. The findings of these studies done have shown that kids that eat dinner with their family are less likely to end up doing drugs, smoking, or drinking. After these findings came to like the Center on Addition and Substance Abuse launched a movement to help parents realize that having dinner as a family really does make a big difference. While it started out as a simple grassroots initiative, it has since grown to be a celebration that takes place across the nation.

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