We just found a nice family resource on the web called Craftyplaces.com. The article that grabed my attention was a post entitled: Your Guide To Family Crafts. Craftyplaces is just a dynomite new site. The post made me think a little about families and doing things together. In looking at my life for example, I work all day, come home and have to jump on the computer to do more work. Thats life in corporate america, it tends to rob our free time, and many times we start to give less and less attention to those we love and care about. That is why family time is extemely important.

is not just about coming together for dinner, or going to the movies, it is about being actively involved as a family unit. A great way to do this is find activities the whole family can enjoy. Whether its , unicycling, cards, games, puzzles, finding that one thing the whole family can become actively involved in I feel will help build a stronger family. In todays busy world we just have to make the time, after all what is really more important then our wifes, sons, daughters, or husbands? Family must come first. Now that I made myself feel a little guilty, I must try to follow my own advice. kevin

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Diapers or not, parenting never easy – Victoria Times Colonist

15 Oct 2006 at 6:14am

Diapers or not, parenting never easy
Victoria Times Colonist, Canada – 16 hours ago
As a new mother, I take offence when assumptions are made about parents who do not subscribe to a particular parenting style, in this case "elimination ….

Parenting class becomes requirement – Times-West Virginian

15 Oct 2006 at 5:27am

Parenting class becomes requirement
Times-West Virginian, WV – 17 hours ago
By Katie Wilson. FAIRMONT ? Parents going through a separation in Marion County all have one common thread: They must go through a parenting class. ….

Advice by Marilyn Heins, MD : Parenting Although it may be … – Arizona Dail…

15 Oct 2006 at 3:08am

Advice by Marilyn Heins, MD : Parenting Although it may be ….
Arizona Daily Star, AZ – 19 hours ago
…. change. Yes, you did make a parenting mistake. …. overnight. And don't panic if there are relapses, because remedial parenting can take a while. ….

Parents rally to Supernanny – Guardian Unlimited

15 Oct 2006 at 7:16pm

BBC News Parents rally to Supernanny
Guardian Unlimited, UK – 3 hours ago
…. and Brat Camp are teaching parents how to raise their children, according to a poll published today by the National Family and Parenting Institute (NFPI). ….
Parents take tips from TV The Sun
Parents 'rely on TV for advice' BBC News
TV supernanny has wrist slapped The Sunday Times
all 5 news articles

Young father's dedication might improve with parenting classes (Denver Post)

15 Oct 2006 at 7:31pm

Dear Amy: I'm 19 years old and have a 6-month-old baby. My son's father and I are engaged, but recently it seems as if he doesn't want to be with me.

Sports Parenting: Good sports, good friends (The Providence Journal)

15 Oct 2006 at 12:38am

As the team podiatrist for Brown University athletes, Dr. Peter Sardella has had an opportunity to examine a lot of talented feet over the last 10 years. But he's also had a chance to find out what's going on upstairs a little bit, too.

Advice by Marilyn Heins, M.D. : Parenting Although it may be difficult now, t…

15 Oct 2006 at 3:16am

Q I have twin boys who are almost 11. They are good kids who take school seriously, have loads of friends and enjoy lots of extracurricular activities. They don't do any chores around the house at all because I never asked them to. I went back to work last year and now realize what a big mistake I made.

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Halloween is almost here. Be sure to visit our section on child safety for ideas to keep your kids safe this season.

Pumpkin Festival, Hartsburg Missouri 

The town has a bicycle shop, antique shops, wood crafters, furniture refinishing, a winery and a nationally renowned "Pumpkin Festival" where thousands of visitors participate in harvest time activities, games, sampling of homemade apple butter and other foods along with reviewing a river festival of the arts.  
For Information, Directions and Carpool Information
Contact Ozark Outdoors & Cyclery, 573-964-7000
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by Patricia Hughes

Whether you are a new parent or not, perhaps one of the most difficult decisions you will make is selecting a good place for your child to stay while you are at work. There is good reason for this: you are choosing the people who will be caring for your child. Choosing day care is a big decision and you should take your time to make the right choice. A good place to start is with other parents. Where do your friends and neighbors send their children? Ask about their experience and recommendation. READ More on Selecting A Day Care For Your Child

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Coaching, parenting become package deal for Scotsleader – Minneapolis Star Tr…

14 Oct 2006 at 12:03am

Coaching, parenting become package deal for Scotsleader
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription), MN – 1 hour ago
John Leaney was a high-level amateur soccer player in Manchester, England. He arrived at Macalester 19 years ago to coach the men's team. ….

Parenting in today's world is worth the effort – Pahrump Valley Times

13 Oct 2006 at 8:37pm

Parenting in today's world is worth the effort
Pahrump Valley Times, NV – 5 hours ago
…. with knowledge. On the way to school a few days ago, I had a conversation I never pictured in my parenting fantasies. My oldest ….

Head Growth May Determine Babies' Intelligence – FOX News

13 Oct 2006 at 2:52pm

Head Growth May Determine Babies' Intelligence
FOX News – 11 hours ago
…. The babies? mothers completed surveys about their parenting style, their older children, and other factors such as breastfeeding and postpartum depression. ….

Virtual parenting poised for growth spurt (CNET)

12 Oct 2006 at 7:00am

Old "Tamagotchi" addicts will be happy to see there's another way to challenge their parenting skills without making a real baby.

Assemblyman gives students a lesson in parenting (News 10 Now)

12 Oct 2006 at 11:06am

Students at Syracuse?s Fowler High School got a lesson on parenting from a local politician. State Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli spoke to students about the consequences of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Parenting in today's world is worth the effort (Pahrump Valley Times)

13 Oct 2006 at 8:30pm

Headlines of recent weeks have been particularly disturbing for parents. Whether the school tragedies we read about are copycat situations or individual, unique circumstances makes little difference to a parent who drops her child off at school in the morning.

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Just in time for Christmas. We have very limited quantities of our newest product: My Singing Teddy Bear. This product will sing your child's name with a speial wakeup song. Both our just love them! See the video below for a product demo of our singing that we did, and be kind on the actors :)

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Going to your web browser and typing in the term parenting information and you’ll get a ton of responses of every kind and color. Go to the library and look up “parenting information” in the catalog and you’ll get hundreds of books on every possible aspect of parenting. With all this information, how do you sort it out and find the parenting information you need? READ More on Where To Get Parenting Information You Need

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