Potty training boys can be a challenge over girls, so it is important to be very patient with your young man and provide a great deal of encouragement. A child should never be pushed when it comes to potty training because it could easily backfire and take twice as long. READ More on Potty Training a Boy

Divorce adds a lot of strain to a family and it is never fun. It is important for parents to emphasize their love and agree to be united when it comes to their children. They must come first. One way to do this is through co-parenting. Co-parenting occurs when divorced parents intentionally create a parenting plan that puts the needs of the children ahead of the needs of the parents.  The parents go beyond whatever the court has ordered, and sit down together and purposefully plan how they will parent their children.  In addition to visitation and holidays, a co-parenting plan includes several rules for dealing with issues.READ More on Divorce and Co-parenting: putting your child first

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Genealogy and building a family tree can be a family adventure and a way to share an interesting and fun hobby with your children. For those planning families it may also provide important health information. As an I can't help to wonder if my doctor could better treat me or be on the lookout for health problems that may be genetic. These are only a couple of compelling reasons to take interest in your family tree. READ More on Building a Family Tree – A Gift For Future Generations

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Two major causes of sleep disorders in babies are behavioral problems and parasomnias. Sleep disorders in babies are many times different than the symptoms of an adult. That is why it is very important for parents and caregivers alike to be aware of this fact. Sleep disorders in babies are in fact incredibly common, and the parasomnias – sleep terrors, somnambulism and enuresis – often appear to be related to central nervous system immaturity and are therefore usually outgrown. READ More on Types Sleep Disorders in Babies

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I just read an article posted at KAIT K8 in Jonesburo, AR, about a shocking trend that is happening in Arkansas and across the U.S. More and more Grandparents are ending up raising their Grandchildren. In Arkansas alone it is estimated about 70,000 Grandparents are the primary caregivers of the grandchildren. READ More on Shocking Trend – More Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

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by Dr. Caron Goode
Responsibility is an emotional trait that society appreciates as dependability, and it helps a person control the flow of events in her life. Children learn to be responsible by making choices, completing tasks, and persevering through learning the how-to’s. The grounding for an individual who can take the burden of his responsibilities maturely and with panache starts at an age as young as 4 to 5 years.READ More on Raising Responsible Kids

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The University (http://www.canberra.edu.au/) is helping parents to do the most important job of all: raise their children. Everyone at More4kids are very happy to see this positive development in education. 
Through its Enhancing Family Strengths through Positive Parenting program, the University’s psychology clinic is using its expertise both to help parents deal with the challenges of parenting READ More on University Offering Parenting Help

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