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You Don’t Have to Get a Divorce to Have a Parenting Plan

Most states require divorcing couples who have dependent children to come up with a parenting plan. The plan lays out when the kids are with each parent and who is responsible for what. The court has to approve the plan to make sure it is in the best interest of the children. However, you don't have to be divorced to draw up a parenting plan. Parents with more than one child will find a plan very helpful in managing their time, and in consistancy between both parents. READ More on Putting Together A Parenting Plan

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I wanted to do a quick post on a great article I found by Dr. Neill On Keeping your Marriage Boring. Everyone wants an exciting marriage right? Excitement is fine as long as it is within certain boundaries, or rules. Dr. Neill defines those rules as "fidelity, honesty, openness, respect, caring and support". His article really hit home. A marriage can really fall apart if there is not a certain amount of predictability in it. READ More on Should Your Marriage Be Boring?

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Parenting discipline has become a huge debated subject. What is parenting discipline, and have some parents taken it way too far? Are some parenting discipline rules interfering with your child’s discipline? And most importantly, do we really require parenting today?READ More on Some Ideas on Parenting Discipline

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Does Natural Parenting Come Naturally?

Is natural parenting a natural course of life? There are many factors that bond us to our natural born baby and some of them are listed below: READ More on What Is Natural Parenting?

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by Dr. Caron Goode

Is your child welcomed in groups or is he avoided by many? The option depends on you. Even as adults we know that there are some people whom we meet and interact with in friendly ways and some whom we would like to keep at a distance. It is the general manner in which one conducts oneself in public that dictates whether you are a pleasing personality or a grumpy one. Pleasant people generally have the capability of networking, being good team members, and finding close friends. They’ll perceive others as more co-operative.READ More on Parenting and Coaching Social Skills

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Potty training boys can be a challenge over girls, so it is important to be very patient with your young man and provide a great deal of encouragement. A child should never be pushed when it comes to potty training because it could easily backfire and take twice as long. READ More on Potty Training a Boy