By Alan and Shonna Hammond 
In the weeks leading up to Halloween, when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume, safety] is not normally a consideration for children. When it comes to their trick-or-treat costume, children are transformed into discerning fashion critics. When they normally could care less about clothing, suddenly their costume must be perfect and make a bold statement about who they are. READ More on Halloween Costume Safety

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by Patricia Guth
For many children throughout the world, one of the joys of childhood involves singing in a community children’s choir. Most children love to sing, including both boys and girls (boys don’t inherit the “singing is sissy” gene until about 7th grade!), and singing in an ensemble is a great way to enhance your child’s musical education.READ More on Make a Joyful Noise: Singing in a Community Children's Choir

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Yoga for kids? Absolutely! The slow, flowing motions not only builds flexibility but takes a lot of concentation and can help slow a young mind down. It can help you child acheive balance in their young lives. Almost every children experiences stress with homework; pressure to compete with other children as well as non-stop after-school activities and over scheduling. All this can make for a very hectic lifestyle. Kids today, like their parents, are turning to yoga for both health and relaxation. Yoga for kids is a means of helping them to develop better body awareness, controlling themselves, and flexibility as well as coordination. Kids may be able to carry the yoga skills they learn beyond class and into their normal everyday routines. READ More on Is Yoga Good For Kids?

Have you been thinking about becoming a foster parent? How will you know if you will make good foster parents?
Irrespective of whether you have children of your own or not, many couples, and even single parents, consider foster parenting at some point in their lives. Perhaps they can not – or choose not to – have biological children, but would still like to make a difference in someone’s life. Or perhaps they are empty nesters and miss a household with children. Becoming foster parents is a very large responsibility and should not be taken lightly. You will be touching troubled lives and need to be prepared for almost anything. It can be very challenging, but at the same time very rewarding in helping a child who has been in a very bad situation through no fault of their own. READ More on Foster Parenting And You

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Parenting Chat Rooms And Forums Have Litterally Exploded Over a Decade

Have you checked out myspace recently? Even MySpace has parenting groups you can join. Or check out the forum we just recently added here at More4kids. Twenty years ago, if you told an expectant mother that there would soon be a way for her to connect with other expectant mothers across the globe who were expecting at the same time of the year – and that she would never need to pick up the phone to contact them – do you think she would have believed you? Honestly, the answer to that question is a definite no. READ More on Parenting Chat Rooms and Forums

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Cruz predicts parenting problems – Ireland Online
23 Oct 2006 at 2:36am

Cruz predicts parenting problems
Ireland Online, Ireland – 16 hours ago
Penelope Cruz is planning on starting a family after playing a mother in new film Volver – but predicts parenthood will have its difficulties. ….

Motherhood After Age 50 and Parenting Stress –
23 Oct 2006 at 5:02pm

Motherhood After Age 50 and Parenting Stress, NC – 1 hour ago
Despite reassuring perinatal outcomes, concerns remain regarding the ability of older parents to meet the emotional and physical demands of parenting .. ….

Ed Schaefer Endorses Shared Parenting Initiative (KXMA-TV Dickinson)
23 Oct 2006 at 1:02pm
Today former North Dakota Governor Ed Schaefer guest-hosted Scott Hennen?s Hot Talk radio show. During the show a supporter of the North Dakota Shared Parenting Initiative called in, and right after the call Gov. Schaefer stated that he does support Shared Parenting.
Incarcerated Women Receive Parenting Training: Trying to break the cycle (Tul…
23 Oct 2006 at 5:45am
OKLAHOMA CITY — When Rita Cooksey asked for volunteers for a new kind of parenting class at Oklahoma City's Hillside Community Corrections Center, she expected to bring together a few women inmates, their parents and their children.
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With fast approaching a personalized gift would be a keepsake charished for years to come. Personalized Books are one such gift. In each story your child becomes involved in the story. The child's name and friends names, along with hometown are woven into the story line. Personalized books are educationally sound because the writers and publishers understand the stages of childhood. READ More on Gift Review – Personalized Books

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