teenage girl with low self-esteem and confidenceAlthough there are people who seem to be blessed with an abundance of self-esteem, they don’t have that level of self-esteem right from the start. Unlike other human traits that are already there the moment we are born, there are some that one needs to develop over time. Self-esteem is one of those traits.

Self-esteem is that part of oneself that allows people to function with confidence. It refers to a person’s ability to trust in themselves and to accept who they are flaws and all. Self-esteem is actually fostered from childhood. A big role is played by the parents in making sure that their children develop their self-esteem fully. The way they give attention to their kids and the way they praise them (or criticize them!) will factor greatly in the way they develop their children’s self-esteem. READ More on Parenting A Teenager With Low Self-Esteem

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mommy and adorable little girlOne key to parenting is understanding. A toddler is a wonderful and fun little being. One of my kids just went through that phase and another one is just entering it. What joy they can be. They entertain, frustrate, and exasperate but you cannot help loving them! Their expressive faces, their busy hands, and the sound of their feet running can bring joy to a parent’s heart. The problem appears when it is time to discipline them. There are several reasons why toddlers can be so challenging. It is hard to control a natural curiosity for the world around them. In fact, as long as they are not hurting themselves or others such curiosity should be encouraged. Once they start walking and able to get to the wonderful objects they could only look at, the problems begin. They want to explore and handle the items formerly out of reach. The two top reasons it is hard to discipline and manage a toddler is; they are finally able to move around freely on their own, and they are learning to control their hands and learning motor skills. READ More on Understanding Why Toddlers Can Be Difficult to Manage

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mom hugging daughther for a job well doneThe key to success is self esteem. If a person does not believe they can do something, or achieve something then they won’t. One of the most important things you can do for your child is to teach them how to have self esteem. Children or teens with high self esteem are able to assume responsibility, act independently, have pride in his or her accomplishments, try new things, offer help to others and are able to take both positive and negative emotions.

Children and teens with low self esteem won’t try new things, they feel unloved and unwanted, they blame others for their own shortcomings, they can be indifferent, they cannot tolerate normal levels of frustration, they are easily influenced and they put down their own abilities and talents. If the reasons listed above do not give you motivation enough to help instill self esteem in your kids then what will happen if you don’t should.

Raising children who have high self esteem is not easy, especially if you are one of the many adults who do not feel overly self confident themselves. Let me say this to you, you are a good parent, and you are a good person. The very fact that you are ready this article to help your kids proves that you are a good person and a good parent. So how do you instill self esteem in your children? That is a great question and I am going to share with you with a few tips.

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Parenting tips

Family Time is the key to a Happy Family

The purpose of this compilation of parenting tips is to offer one place where you can find some of the best parenting tips that More4kids.info has to offer. While the tips have not been written by a medical expert or a child psychologists they have been written by a parents.

The key is to keep in mind that all children are unique and that there isn't only one parenting method or even one parenting method that will work for the same three kids in one household. We know based on experience that isn't true. The key is in knowing who your child is and the best way that they learn.

Parenting Tips

1) Think Before You Speak

2) Be a Positive Role Model

3) Listen, Catch and Redirect

4) Be Spontaneous and Affectionate

5) Provide Feedback that is Accurate and Positive

6) Foster a Safe and Loving Home Environment

7) Focus on Cooperation Over Competition

8) Pay attention to your child and what interests them

9) Stress the Behavior, not the child

10) Don't compare them with siblings or others. Each child is unique

11) Tell them very often how much you love them

12) Spend time with them doing what it is they want to do.

13) Listen to their point of view and help them achieve their goals.

14) Support their school work. Don't do it for them.

15) Get involved in their school

16) Encourage them to make friends, welcome their friends into your home

17) Help your child explore any hobbies or talents they have

18) Realize that tomorrow it will be Different.  Ask yourself: Will it really matter tomorrow?

19) Master the Art of Compromise

20) Tell them you love them (don't assume they don't need to hear the words)

21) Lead by Example

22) Patience: Tell Them Everything Has Its Own Time

23) Patience: Explain to Them Why They Need to Wait

24) Set Goals with Them

25) Give Concrete Responses

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Happy 4th of July!

From all of us here at More4kids, Happy 4th of July Weekend. The Fourth of July celebrates the birth of the United States of America. Founded July 4th 1776, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, America is celebrating its 237th birthday this year (2013).

It is a time for families and friends not only to come together and have fun, but also a time to honor our Veterans and men and women who are putting their lives in danger every day for us, and those who have made the biggest sacrifice for our freedom with their lives. Try to throw your politics aside, and let us all take a moment to think about, and be grateful to all who wear the American uniform, and to our police and firefighters who protect us day in and out. They all deserve our recognition and thanx, more than we can put in words. And don't forget the spouses and families of those in uniform. It takes very special people to be part of a military family, and our hearts, thanx, and recognition should go out to them too.

No matter whether you travel across the country to celebrate our nation’s birthday, or decide to stay at home in your own backyard, there are many different ways to make this a very special holiday.

All that is needed for a fantastic Fourth are three key ingredients:

1. A Plan
2. Preparation
3. and much, much Enthusiasm.

We’ll provide the plan to get you started!

Ready? Set?

Not lets get the ball on the road and get going!

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Growing up is hard, we all know that. Teens today face more stress and pressure then many of us did at the age. Part of that is our society and the other part is the demands we as parents put on our kids. This means that we need to make sure that we are doing all we can to make sure they are equipped with the tools they need to cope with the stress. Though I often say that it is best to start building a good relationship with them when they are young… it can be done when they are teens. It just may require a little more work and you may be met with a little more resistance. However, teens that have a good relationship with their parents are better able to cope with the stress of being a teenager in the 21st century.

Tip 1: Make Sure you are Available to Talk

Talking to a teenager… yes, this can be tough because they don’t always want to talk to you. This doesn’t mean that you don’t try, and that you don’t let them know you are there for them to talk to. I remember when I was younger that my parents always said that I could talk to them about anything. I also remember my mother going in her bedroom and screaming into a pillow after a few conversations… so I learned not to talk to her about certain topics.

You may not like what you are going to hear. But listen to them without interruption… and try not to scream in a pillow when they can hear or see you.

Tip 2: Show Your Teen Healthy Escapes

When your child was little telling them to color or bang on the pots and pans was a great way to let them de-stress. That probably won’t work with your teen. However there are many options you can give them to help them deal with stress. Encourage them to keep a journal, listen to music that makes them feel better, meditate, exercise something that is good for them and will make them feel better. For me it used to be going out to the garage and hitting the punching bag while listening to loud music.READ More on Teen Stress: Parenting Tips to Help Teens Cope

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A Fathers Day KissFathers Day is a day to celebrate being a Dad. For me the best gift is just spending time with my family. As Fathers our role is very important and studies have shown the more time we spend with our kids the more well adjusted and successful they will be.

Having a great relationship with our kids also has many benefits for us Dads as well. There is no better stress relief after a hard day of work to come home and have your kids run into your arms or be glad to see you.

There is a also a special bond that forms between Father and Son, a bond that starts at birth and lasts a lifetime. As Dads we bring joy to our family and help set role models for our kids. Father's day is a time to remember and thank our own Dads of if we are a Dad, a time to rejoice in our own family.

From all of us here at More4kids, we wish you a Happy Father's Day and thank all Dad's out there for their love and sacrifice.

Here is a very special video the YMCA did of kids telling their Dads how great they are:

Great Father's Day Quotes:

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~Clarence Budington Kelland

One father is more than a hundred Schoolemasters. – George Herbert

I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich. – M*A*S*H, Colonel Potter

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