Good parenting is not impossible, despite the fact that many parents often believe that it is an unattainable goal. Good parenting means knowing your children, and it means knowing where your children are. The measure of good parenting definitely changes through the child’s lifetime, much like the measure of any other organic process. This is because children are always changing, and there are different responsibilities associated with parenting different aged children. READ More on Are You A Good Parent?

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Families Need Fathers: Shared parenting makes children safer –
15 Nov 2006 at 11:28am

Families Need Fathers: Shared parenting makes children safer, UK – 7 hours ago
…. ?Shared parenting is probably the biggest single resource available to promote child safety,? said John Baker, chairman of Families Need Fathers. ….
Families Need Fathers: What we want from the Queen?s speech
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New Petition Helps Make Parenting a National Priority (PR Web)
15 Nov 2006 at 3:35am
The parenting petition is part of The National Effective Parenting Initiative (NEPI) and can be found on the NEPI Web site, (PRWeb Nov 15, 2006)
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Each year one thing we all look forward to is the family holiday; whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, 4th of July or Hanukah, getting the family together for a holiday is always what makes it enjoyable and memorable. With both [tag-tec]Thanksgiving[/tag-tec] and Christmas just around the corner many families are thinking of traveling. While family holidays can be stressful they can also be fun and enjoyable and create memories that last a lifetime. Here are some thoughts on family holidays. READ More on Its Time To Start Thinking About Family Travel

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Parenting classes planned at Myrtle Creek school – The News-Review

12 Nov 2006 at 8:09am

Parenting classes planned at Myrtle Creek school
The News-Review, OR – 18 hours ago
Registration opens Monday for Make Parenting a Pleasure, a parenting class that's being offered at the Myrtle Creek Elementary Library. ….

Q & A with the Tara Parenting Coordinator (BellaOnline)

12 Nov 2006 at 5:59pm

Would you be willing to share a little about your spiritual journey and your parenting experiences?

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by Stacey Schifferdecker

Most people would agree that is is important to teach honesty and integrity to your children. However, if you were to sit down and write a list of character traits you want your child to develop, chances are honesty would at least be in the top ten. After all, without honesty, our children will be less able to make friends, succeed in a career, and have a happy marriage. The fact is, though, that most children do tell lies. So how we do instill the character trait of honesty in our children? READ More on Teaching Honesty and Integrity

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Many children today have so many toys that they do not even play with half of them, and they lay forgotten in the toy box. Some of these toys are monsters and guns and many of them do not promote learning, but often promote violence.

When picking out toys for your children you should consider the educational value that they hold and how they will affect your children. Giving your child musical instrument toys is a good way to interest them in music at a young age and will perhaps later end up in them choosing to study some aspect of music. READ More on Teaching Love for Music with Musical Instrument Toys

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by Stacey Schifferdecker

More and more families today are “his, hers, and ours” blends of stepparents, step-siblings, stepchildren, etc. In fact, one out of three Americans are now “steps.” On a recent episode of “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody,” London got an eager new stepmother who, although loving, provided a perfect example of how stepparents should NOT act. What can you learn from the Tiptons to make your own blended family happier? READ More on Blending Families: From the Brady Bunch to Life with Derek

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