Parenting Early Intervention Project Manager – Guardian Unlimited

28 Nov 2006 at 6:03am

Parenting Early Intervention Project Manager
Guardian Unlimited, UK – 4 hours ago
…. developing an ambitious strategy for parental engagement, which is designed to ensure that children can benefit from confident, positive parenting from birth ….

Lawyer: Parenting techniques will be issue in caged kids trial today (News Jo…

28 Nov 2006 at 7:05am

NORWALK (AP) – Discipline and parenting techniques will be a key issue in the trial of adoptive parents accused of locking some of their 11 special-needs children in cages, a defense attorney said.

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This weeks Carnival of Family Life is being hosted by First of all, for those that don't know, what exactly is a blog carnival? Basically it is a place where bloggers can get together who same a common interest. We, for example, joined the carnival of family life. Once a week articles relating to families and parenting are submitted and the person hosting the carnival will make a short commatary with a link to the article.

For our readers here at More4kids going to a blog carnival is a great way to get a lot of good information from a variety of people. In this weeks carnival, topics include everthing from  Toddler stocking stuffer ideas to   Crafting for the Anti-Crafter: A Toddler Matching Game

One article we found particulary interesting was Reward Charts for Deserving Children, by Hsien-Hsien Lei, PhD. It is definitely on our 'must read' list for this week.

Finally, here at More4kids we presented our own article Establishing Communication in the Younger Years  which deals with communicating with very young children and the importance of non-verbal communication and cues in the early years when a child is first learning to talk and understand. At this age the child may find it difficult to grasp what we as parents are trying to say. For me, this was the most frustrating time with our first child and this gives some ideas to help us with our second child.

Enjoy the Carnival!

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by Stacey Schifferdecker

Have you see the big inflatable decorations that pop up in people yards now? Pumpkins at Halloween, Uncle Sam on the Fourth of July, snowmen at Christmas, etc. If you drive by our yard in December, you’ll see an 8-foot-tall inflatable snowman. But walk around the back of friendly Frosty and you see his duct tape “band-aids,” covering the gashes from last winter when someone spiked him. On our quiet, peaceful little street, poor Frosty was the victim of vandalism wrought by someone who doesn’t respect other people’s property. READ More on Teaching Respect For Property

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As parents it is important to understand our childs temperment and personality. It helps with the interaction with our children. A child that may naturally be shy for example, we may want to gently pull them out of their shell and be understanding when they need their 'alone' time. It is also important to understand that each child is different, and as such needs to be treated and interacted with a bit differently. Here is some good background information on temperment and personality. READ More on Parenting: Getting To Know Your Childs Temperment and Personality

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Parenting: Dad's overseas absence calls for compassion – Sacramento Bee

25 Nov 2006 at 3:13am

Parenting : Dad's overseas absence calls for compassion
Sacramento Bee,  USA – 2 hours ago
Q: I have an 8-year-old daughter who is an only child. My husband is in the military and left recently for duty in the Middle East. ….

Calls for changes to co-parenting laws (News Interactive)

24 Nov 2006 at 2:06am

A HARROWING account of a woman's struggle to escape her abusive husband has sparked calls from NSW Premier Morris Iemma for changes to co-parenting laws for separated parents.

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Sitting here on Thanksgiving I am thinking about all I have to be grateful for. While my health is much to be desired, God has blessed me with a great family. A Mother I love dearly, a sister and her family, and my own family. Thinking about some of the special times with my own family I dug up some pictures of my sons first birthday. I can't believe it was only 3 and a half years ago. Time really flys!

"Umm, what is this?"  

"Whatever this is it is good stuff!"

"What, no more?!"

 Your got to love them!! We all have a lot to be grateful for. From our family to yours happy Thanksgiving!!

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Head to head: Parenting classes – BBC News

21 Nov 2006 at 9:59am Head to head: Parenting classes
BBC News, UK – 17 hours ago
…. Basically, the evidence clearly shows that if you run proper, effective parenting programmes and parenting courses, things like the Incredible Years which has ….
?4m pledged for parenting classes
State supernannies to help struggling parents Guardian Unlimited
Blair to hire 'supernannies' to curb kids People's Daily Online
Independent –
all 137 news articles

Head to head: Parenting classes (BBC News)

21 Nov 2006 at 10:07am

Two experts give their views on whether parenting classes can help tackle children's anti-social behaviour.

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