English racer Doug Larson may have summed up your entire daily life when he quipped “For disappearing acts, it's hard to beat what happens to the eight hours supposedly left after eight of sleep and eight of work.” In fact, how many of us even get eight hours of sleep anymore? On average, adults sleep seven hours a night, and 36% of us sleep only 6.5 hours or less. So where is all that time going?READ More on Unscheduling our overscheduled kids

The politics of parenting – Guardian Unlimited

3 Dec 2006 at 7:37pm

The politics of parenting
Guardian Unlimited, UK – 32 minutes ago
This year's must-have political fashion accessory is a family policy. David Cameron has declared the family will be at the heart of every Conservative policy. ….

Putting Maury Povich out of business solves parenting problems better than si…

3 Dec 2006 at 2:25am

T here are a lot reasons to criticize Britney Spears, and her parenting skills might warrant some scrutiny. But it's hardly fair to cast aspersions her way simply because her choice of friends isn't necessarily the best.

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by Dr. Caron Goode

Young parents, especially first-timers, may get upset when they see that their two-year-old wants to keep his toys to himself. What is the appropriate recourse when your young daughter cries and grabs at another’s belonging? At which age does sharing become a socially appropriate behavior and how can you encourage your children to share?READ More on Teaching Children To Share

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AHEAD: Keeping tabs on children 'isn't pestering, it's parenting' – thepaper2…

30 Nov 2006 at 6:09pm

AHEAD: Keeping tabs on children 'isn't pestering, it's parenting '
thepaper24-7.com – 1 hour ago
…. Parenting is not a democracy, and it shouldn't be, according to many parenting experts. In the end, it's not pestering, it's parenting .. ….

In a Day Packed With Spit-Ups, Sippy Cups and Spazz Outs, NYC Parenting Compa…

30 Nov 2006 at 1:08pm

It's a fact: Most parents of kids five andunder are exhausted and not at their best. Perhaps they cruised throughtheir baby's first year on pure adrenaline. But, immediately followingthat first birthday party, utter fatigue sets in. Case in point: Twentypercent of new moms leave the house with mismatched shoes, according to arecent survey conducted by Parenting magazine. So, before Elmo can

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I just read an intersting fact that the US Consumer Product Safety commission estimates that about 165 thousand kids 14 and under will be injured or trearted this year for toy related injuries. As a parent of two young boys, one 4 1/2 and the other 5 months it made me think about the toys we have and are planning on getting our kids this holiday season . will definitely be on my mind this year. In doing a little research here are some quick tips to remember:READ More on Toy Safety this holiday season

I ran across this recipe that is sure to delight with the kids this holiday season. Chocolate covered spoons!

Plastic spoons get dressed up just by adding a little chocolate! Take a bag of chocolate chips and melt it in the microwave cooking at half power in 30 second increments. Add a little bit of shortening (1 teaspoon to each cup of chips) if you want the chocolate to work better. READ More on Umm…Chocolate Spoons

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