Step Parenting – One Step at a Time

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step parenting one step at a timeMany things may lead to step Parenting. Death or divorce, both unpleasant circumstances can often result in the need for step parenting. Re-marrying and subsequent step parenting require the same skills, dedication, focus and luck that is necessary in good parenting under ideal conditions. In step parenting there is a little more to consider. Let’s call these considerations steps – steps toward parenting or step parenting – sort of fits doesn’t it?

Where to start? The first Step.

Everything starts with love. It’s not enough that the roles of moms and dads are in flux in the typical step parenting scenario and it takes time to re-establish those roles, especially where step-children are concerned. Other unconscious and subconscious issues hide beneath the surface and these can sabotage the early parenting efforts of step-moms and step-dads alike. These include the effects of violent relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, death of a spouse or parent or incarceration – all these add to the mix of potential parenting woes.

Taking it in Baby Steps

Fortunately, we can start slowly. The adage “Start where you’re at!” gives hope. (The grammar might be off but the heart resonates with encouragement to this simplicity)

Basic human needs after birth include oxygen, food, clothing, then some shelter and a little friendly association. You see, half the work is already done and that with just being willing to make a start!

Not Quite Running Marathons Yet

Next come the days, weeks and months of patience and determined effort, followed up with heaps of forgiveness and courage. Now you’ve got a fighting chance to at least make a positive impression on a young mind already struggling – trying to sort out the meaning of separated .

Everyone gravitates towards love, and step-parents are no different. The results you seek in you step parenting efforts may show themselves in strange ways at first. can and will challenge, deceive, act distant – even curse at you – but they are also observing you and looking for the love. Patience, determined effort, forgiveness and courage are called for because it can take a lifetime to master these traits.


Stepping into this profession called step parenting can be a bit scary, challenging and exciting all at the same time. You probably never imagined yourself as a step-parent or even thought that your children could be living with one. Life can be funny that way, it can be full of surprises. The experience will surely move you forward in a big way if you are receptive to the signs along the way. Step lightly and have a pleasant journey! And remember, it all starts with love.

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