Umm…Chocolate Spoons

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I ran across this recipe that is sure to delight with the kids this holiday season. Chocolate covered spoons!

Plastic spoons get dressed up just by adding a little chocolate! Take a bag of chocolate chips and melt it in the microwave cooking at half power in 30 second increments. Add a little bit of shortening (1 teaspoon to each cup of chips) if you want the chocolate to work better. If you prefer, add extracts such as almond or peppermint. Don’t over cook and stir often. Use good, heavy spoons you have around or buy a bag at the dollar discount store. Dip the spoons with a good amount of chocolate and lay on waxed paper to dry. If you have sprinkles or peppermint sticks or candy you can crush, dust them on the spoons before they set. Wrap in plastic wrap and tie with ribbon. Present with an envelope of hot chocolate mix or coffee if you like! (If you want to make your own hot chocolate mix, see “Gifts for all!”)

What do you think, what are your favorite recipes you like to make for or with the kids this ? Feel free to share with everyone, just go to the bottom of this post and add your comments.

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