Gift Review – Personalized Books

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With [tag-tec]Christmas[/tag-tec] fast approaching a personalized gift would be a keepsake charished for years to come. Personalized Books are one such gift. In each story your child becomes involved in the story. The child's name and friends names, along with hometown are woven into the story line. Personalized books are educationally sound because the writers and publishers understand the stages of childhood. When reading about a five-year-old boy, we see that he may be a little scared in an unfamiliar situation such as the three pigs moving to another house, but he finds that with his own friends and with the pigs’ support, being happy while going through a change can be fun. Personalization also reinforces a positive self-image and helps to build self-esteem. Young children live in worlds of their own making much of the time and that is a good thing. Many small kids have a group of imaginary friends to whom he speaks quite openly and regularly. These personalized books, which make the child part of, a spiritual or cultural story, are also very affirming for children. Too often, we only ask that [tag-ice]children[/tag-ice] sit still and listen when they attend church school or Bible class. Sitting still is very difficult for a young child and the publishers and writers of the good personalized books recognize these facts. By adding a child’s friends to the character lists, these books make young children feel parts of a larger whole and also that they are people with a purpose. Personalized books such as the ones found at our shopping site at We feel at More4kids these types of books contribute generously to a child’s intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development, which is why we started in business to begin with.  
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